Fiery-Facts #2 – ‘Atomik Menace’ Johnson


Dustin 'Atomik Menace Johnson

Dustin 'Atomik Menace' Johnson, the record holder, set out to eat 75 reapers but managed to work his way through every single Chilli at the table, a whopping 122 Carolina Reapers  Not only has no one topped this record, the last man to attempt it, Greg Foster, fell to his knees after only eating 44! 


Just someone who loves spicy food and has a ridiculous tolerance. Mostly I keep to myself and not very outgoing. I enjoy time with my family, cars, and gaming.


Las Vegas, NV, USA

Favourite Chilli

JPGS (Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion)

Source: League of Fire

Check out Dustin taking on the World Record for eating the most Carolina reapers... 122!: