Lil’ Nitro World’s Hottest Gummy Bear

Lil Nitro World's 
Hottest Gummy Bear


Instant Regret Chilli Chocolate

SHU 9 million

The Lil' Nitro World's Hottest Gummy Bear is meticulously crafted to deliver an explosion of intense heat with each bite. This jelly sweet contains an unbelievably potent blend of chili peppers, including the infamous Carolina Reaper, Ghost Peppers, and Scorpion Peppers. To put it into perspective, it's 900 x hotter than a Jalapeño pepper, weighing just 3 grams. 


The main obstacle to overcome with this challenge was the element of surprise! It didn't smell spicy at all and resembled an innocent little gummy bear that you'd eat from a packet of Haribos. Because of this, you feel it's ok to eat this in one go, but then you feel the true rather of this gummy - as soon as you bite into it, you feel the immediate explosion of heat and it builds more and more!

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Fred's Verdict

80 %

These were definitely a lot sweeter than I first expected but as you can see in the video, I managed to complete it! But then there was the 5 minute after burn and I was just getting flash backs to all the suffering in previous videos and I was actually speechless to get through the 5 minutes.

Josh's Verdict

82 %

In terms of flavour, I found both sachets to be flavoursome, especially the small packet as the sauce was more like a chilli jam which was quite nice! Even though the SHU was at 12,000, it wasn't too bad considering the noodles were served cold which automatically makes it a lot easier. The 5 minute afterburn made it slightly harder but I would say these noodles are definitely manageable and the extra challenge sachet brought a new fun element to the noodles!