Samyang Hot Cheese Flavour Ramen

Samyang HOT Cheese 
Flavor Ramen


HOT Cheese flavour Ramen / 치즈 - 불닭볶음면 / Buldak Bokkeummyun

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The Samyang Cheese Buldak Bokkeummyn was the fifth challenge we did in our series, and wasn't one I think either of us were particularly looking forward to.

Of all the challenges we had done, we can both agree that these noodles weren't of the enjoyable kind, and were essentially just a bowl of classic Chicken Buldak Bokkeummyun, but with an added, and unwanted, cheese flavouring. Supposedly the powder is a mix of 'Cheddar, Camembert and Goude'. As we delved into the noodle packet, the following contents contained:

This was the first time, and one of the only times that either of us had gagged just from the smell of an instant noodle, and our reactions clearly show this! 

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Fred's Verdict

40 %

I already assumed this was going to be terrible, just from the idea of artificial cheese-dust being put in a perfectly good bowl of noodles. And I was right. It doesn't matter how many cheeses Samyang apparently powder into their mix, all I could taste was somewhere between sticky cardboard and overpowering cheese. The texture of the noodles was what I expected, but the gloopyness (Is that a word?) of the broth along with the horrible, chunder-inducing cheese flavour made this easily the worst bowl of noodles I've ever eaten.

Josh's Verdict

40 %

Disgust, utter disgust! I was really excited to try these, not because of it's heat level (which is fairly low) but more for the flavour. I love food like mac 'n' cheese and carbonara so to add cheese to these noodles should've been a dream combo. But I was wrong... The powdered cheese smelt like playdoh and the taste I can't even describe it as cheese - more like melted plastic. I'm trying to think if I made the noodles too soupy with the cheese which might've effected the taste but there's no excuse for these - just don't bother unless you're doing a forfeit challenge.