18+ Prohibited Curry Ramen

18+ Prohibited Curry
Fire Ramen

18+ Prohibited Curry Fire Ramen /  ラーメン禁 / Ramen-Kin

SHU 1.1 million!

This challenge was something else. We knew we were in for something monstrous when we realised that this product was not for sale in Japan to any one under the age of 18. Moreover, its company 'Isoyama Shoji' has previously released no other instant ramen, apart from this one. Nor are they known for any other foodstuff. Spooky.And, unlike all of the Korean noodles that have funny photos and fun words on them like 'Fun', 'Awesome' and 'Hot, hot, hot!' It has a single Japanese Kanji on the front, in big, black writing:

禁 'Prohibited'

Now that's some scary stuff. As we delved into the noodle packet, the following contents contained:


Cooking it was fine, had a strong curry smell, and wasn't immediately terrible on the nose. In fact, it got both of us salivating, ready to dig in to some tasty noodles. Like a traditional Ramen however, it required a whole 700ml of water to accompany the noodles. We were both fools. Not only did Josh struggle to complete the challenge, we both had terrible stomach cramps and throat issues hours after the challenge had concluded, and ended up lying on the sofa, wrapped up in blankets. This challenge was not for the faint-hearted, and I don't think either of us will be returning to it in this lifetime.

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Fred's Verdict

100 %

Had a very strong curry flavour which I did enjoy, although I'd only taken a few bites as the overwhelming spice took over my entire body, inducing me to have to go to the bathroom and vomit, as did Josh. I don't care how strong your spice tolerance is, if you manage to enjoy this as a light meal, you are nuts. I salute you.

Josh's Verdict

100 %

Ahh the infamous 18+ Prohibited by Isoyama Shoji. The research showed that these noodles were created purely as a challenge, not to be finished! Firstly the volumes were extreme as you can see from the video. The sachet could empty enough curry powder to build a sand castle and the amount of water per bowl (700ml) to fill a moat around it! This challenge for me was the worst feeling I've felt from any eating experience. From the first bite, i had sweats, and as I ploughed through, I was getting shortness of breath, prickly ears, light headiness but the worst was I could feel my throat swelling. I'm not sure if I may have had an allergic reaction but my body was rejecting these so much. I managed to finish the noodles but even drinking some of the broth, I started to panic as the spice wasn't going away. This was the first challenge I forfeited and I needed to go to sleep to recover. I would be scared to try these again that's all i'm saying...