Top 10 Hottest

With all the food challenges that we do, you’re probably wondering “What’s the hottest?” Well here’s our top 10’s which are individually rated by us both. However if you agree/disagree or recommend any spicy foods to try, feel free to leave a comment below!

Hottest Ramen 2021

Welcome to the 2021 hottest noodles of the year! We’re looking forward to going back to our list last year and see what the hottest noods are this year. Just a disclaimer we’re not trying to do it accurately according to the scoville heat unit amount, this is about our…

Hottest Ramen 2020

Here it is…The list you’ve all been waiting for…The definitive top 10 noodle challenge list from Fred & Josh! We’ve tackled Samyang, Paldo, Daebak, Culley’s and others, and decided it was about time to decide who burnt our mouths off, and those which left a lot to