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Fiery-Facts #3 - Mike Jack

Mick Jack, amazingly, set the record for the most Bhut Jolokia eaten set a Guinness World Record speed mark by eating three Carolina Reaper peppers ― the world’s hottest chili pepper ― in 9.72 seconds. Guinness noted in a video of his feat that showcased on…

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Fiery-Facts #2 - 'Atomik Menace' Johnson

Dustin ‘Atomik Menace’ Johnson, the record holder, set out to eat 75 reapers, but managed to work his way through every single Chilli at the table, a whopping 122 Carolina Reapers. Not only has no one topped this record, the last man to attempt it, Greg Foster, fell…

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Fiery-Facts #1 - Ed Currie, Pepper X

Ed Currie is famous for his Carolina Chilli, but has supposedly made a ‘Pepper X’, even hotter than the Reaper! WHAT IS PEPPER X? “Pepper X” is the temporary name for the chili pepper bred by Ed Currie of Puckerbutt Pepper Company, the same man…

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Hottest Ramen 2021

Welcome to the 2021 hottest noodles of the year! We’re looking forward to going back to our list last year and see what the hottest noods are this year. Just a disclaimer we’re not trying to do it accurately according to the scoville heat unit amount, this is about our…

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Samyang Challenge – Nuclear (cold) Ramen

You’re probably wondering with all the challenges that we do with Samyang, why would this particular pack be classed as a ‘challenge’ Well they’ve included an extra heat sachet to add to the challenge and therefore, add to the spice! However this is ‘bibimmyeon’…

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Samyang 3x HOT Chicken Flavour Ramen

Samyang have upped the anti again! Just when you thought they were satisfied with the Samyang Hot Fire Chicken, then created the 2X Nucelar ramen at 8808, then the 10,000 Shu Hot Fire Chicken, then the Samyang Mini at 12,000 shu Now we have the Samyang Buldak…

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Welcome to the blog of Fred & Josh. We’re two brothers exploring the world of spice, showcasing our journey from spicy challenges to fiery facts, all curated by ourselves so we’re keeping everything authentic and personal for you guys to enjoy. If you have any comments, suggestions or recommendations on anything spice related, please feel to leave feedback and share the love! – F&J 😊🔥.

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