Samyang Carbo Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen

Samyang Carbo HOT Chicken
Flavor Ramen


Samyang Carbo Noodle / Carbo - 불닭볶음면 / Buldak Bokkeummyun

SHU 2,600

A strong example of Samyang deciding to go full on flavour and less-so on heat, Carbo Buldak Bokkeummyun (standing for Carbonara) takes the Korean Noodles, and gives them an Italian Twist! These had a pink packet, and a sauce that was far thicker than any of the other Ramen noodles we'd had. As we delved into the noodle packet, the following contents contained:


We could tell during the cooking process, as it took on a gloopy consistency, much like an Italian Carbonara. Who could guess...

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Fred's Verdict

40 %

These were especially delicious. Of all the noodles we've tried, they were the most objectively tasty, and definitely something I'd try any day for flavour alone. Would recommend this to anyone, especially if you like both Korean and Italian food!

Josh's Verdict

40 %

I absolutely loved these noodles. In my eyes, this is what Samyang Cheese should've aspired to be in terms of flavour. It was exactly like eating a spicy carbonara with short noodle pieces and I really liked the circular noodle block, making it easier to cook in the saucepan. If I were to rank the tastiest noodles from our challenges so far, i'd either put this first or second but definitely top two! - Highly recommend.