Paldo Volcanic Curry Flavour Ramen

Paldo Volcano Chicken
Flavor Ramen


Paldo Volcanic Curry flavour Ramen /

화산 - 불닭볶음면 / Buldak Bokkeummyun

SHU 4,340

There is a clear rivalry amongst the Samyang fans and Paldo fans. One must match the other, and when Samyang make a spicier variation, well, Paldo has to meet the challenge. We were admittedly a little scared about these noodles. The whole package was in Korean, and we couldn't find a version of it in English, so we weren't quite sure how hot it was going to be. But it definitely lived up to its reputation. Me and Josh both struggled a little with this challenge, and along with the added 3 minute after burn, this was a challenging... challenge. As we delved into the noodle packet, the following contents contained:


It was very tasty though, having a sweet flavour, whilst still being discerningly different in texture from its rival brand, Samyang.

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Fred's Verdict

80 %

Great texture from the classic Korean style noodles, along with a strong Curry flavour with sweet undertones, these noodles were very tasty, and one I would eat now in my own time if I were looking for a spicy alternative to a traditional ramen. Paldo wins this time.

Josh's Verdict

70 %

It was about time Paldo stepped up to the plate and compete with the likes of Samyang - and these didn't disappoint. They went full throttle with the amount of sauce in the sachet and the warning was there from the flaming chicken. I'd say these noodles were slightly less spicy than Samyang's 2X but definitely a close contender. One thing I have to congratulate Paldo for is consistently making their noodles so tasty and flavourful regardless of the heat level. I feel bad because I suddenly decided to do a 5 minute after burn once completing the challenge which didn't take kindly to Freddie, but was funny watching. Also this could be a good yoga video as we feature a bit of meditation with some calming music thanks to Alexa.